• « Colours are the deeds of light. »

      Johann Wolfgang von goethe
    JG Impression
    JG Impression

Our Story

Over the past 50 years, the initials JG were lovingly carved into the heart of Montréal’s graphic arts community. While its means of delivery have changed in tune with the technological advances that time has brought, its vocation has not: to serve the work of creative professionals. Advertising houses, communications agencies and a myriad of designers have always known where they will find the most up-to-date skills and tools to bring their best and brightest ideas to life.

Barney Monisson opens BM Photostat, specializing in the production of Photostats, Velox prints and blueprinting.

Jacques Gervais acquires BM Photostat and operates the business for six years.

Jacques Gervais establishes Film Production JG for the production of 35 mm films and animations.

BM Photostat and Film Production JG merge.

Stéphane Gervais, son of Jacques, takes his first steps in animation and graphic/audio-video production.

Stéphane Gervais buys the company and brings in the newly budding technology of digital print.

Sylvain Serre joins Film Production JG to develop Customer Service.

The company earns widespread customer acclaim as a service provider par excellence. The name of the company becomes Production JG.

Stéphane Gervais makes Sylvain Serre a partner. Together they focus the company’s mission on high-quality digital printing.

Production JG enters the offset printing sector with the acquisition of two traditional presses and experienced personnel.

The company replaces its traditional presses with a Presstek DI and its computer-to-plate imaging technology.