Quality Digital Printing

Choosing Production JG is Choosing the Best!

Located in Montreal, our company also serves the cities of Laval and Longueuil, offering its customers the highest quality digital printing available on the market with its two HP-Indigo digital presses.

What Is the HP-Indigo?

HP-Indigo is cutting-edge technology that allows to obtain the highest quality standards in digital printing. This press reproduces colours perfectly, achieving colour values that are comparable to traditional offset printers.

The HP-Indigo press faithfully reproduces high quality digital printing projects that customers entrust to the team at Production JG.

Each digital print is calibrated with each revolution of the drum. As for colour, it is calibrated repeatedly during printing, ensuring the highest quality. In addition, as the imaging is carried out during the printing process, it is possible to change the content to personalize each copy according to your needs.

Why Choose HP-Indigo Digital Printing?

HP-Indigo digital printing is used to obtain high definition prints. Unlike offset printing, which can handle large quantities of printsdigital printing is designed for perfect reproduction quality in smaller quantities.

Large format digital printing also offers the option to print short runs of very high quality. Whether printed on paper, adhesives, fabrics or synthetic materials, the digital cutter cuts out original forms.

If you are looking for the best printing quality, opt for digital printing. If you would rather have a large quantity of prints, offset printing is the best choice.